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Designed to serve the requirements of those modern day technology enabled businesses with cloud Telephony

For any business, every customer call is important as it has the potential to bring in even more business. Yet, little attention is paid to maintaining a high quality incoming call management system resulting in considerable damage to brand reputation and incalculable business opportunity losses.

In the initial days, at every business house, every call is picked up with eagerness and every inquiry, big or small, is attended to with zest. Naturally the business grows rapidly. In time, however, as lot more employees join the organization the quality of incoming call handling becomes inconsistent and suffers. Worse, the management has no control or information about:

  • No. of calls received
  • No. of calls missed
  • Who handled the call
  • What was spoken during the call

Telephony Solution provides a simple, cost effective and yet highly efficient way of handling business inquiries.

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  • Customers can choose a 10 digit mobile or toll-free number for the business
  • Advertise the same in all business communications and stationary
  • Employees can be grouped into departments and assigned extension numbers and calls routed to the department could be delivered to employees within that department automatically, wherever they may be, on their mobile phones. When lines are busy callers are automatically re-routed to other available numbers.

* DigitalBrains is an authorised channel and implementation partner for m-cube (VMC Technologies) cloud telephony services

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