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Linux Is One Of The Most Popular And Well Know Operating System (OS) Used By Web Hosting Companies. This Is Considered As Best Alternative To Microsoft Windows OS Because Of Its Flexible And Powerful Nature Available In A Variety Of Free Paid As Well As Commercial Versions. Many Hosting Companies In India Particularly Top Shared Hosting Companies Today By Default To Linux For Their Hosting Plans. In Fact, It Is Also The OS That Google Depends On To Run Its Broad Banks Of Server Over 15000 And Counting.


Most Of The People Buy Web Hosting Services Without Giving Much Preference To The Technical Details. If You Have Hosted Your Website Using Low Cost Shared Hosting Plan In India, Possibilities Are That It's Provisioned On Servers That Run Using Linux. Usually This Is Recommended Because:

  • Linux is well known for its stability, permanence and security features. It gives you powerful platform in terms of your important data safety and steadiness.
  • If you choose Linux then you will have the freedom to use industry standard web hosting application and software, such as the most popular cPanel control panel, so moving host will less disruptive
  • As Linux is an open source software platform or application, charges for licensing are very much cheaper in comparison to other hosting platform such as Windows or Microsoft.

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