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While Searching A Web Hosting In India You Will Typically Run Across A Large Number Of Hosts That Use A Linux Platform, As Well As A Plethora That Utilize A Windows Platform. Even There Are Few Hosts That Offer Both Platform Options Readily To Their Customers.

Windows Hosting


Web Hosting Control Panels Differ From Host To Host And We Would Recommend You To Stick With What You Know. If You Know How To Use Plesk Panel, And You Find It Effective, You'll Come To Know That Many Windows Hosting Providers In India Support It. In Other Side, If You Prefer To Use CPanel And WHM And Want To Stick With These Apps, Then You Must Host Your Site On A Linux Based Machine.

There Are Few Other Hosting Control Panels On Windows Alongside Plesk Panel And DirectAdmin Is One Of The Most Common.

One Of The Most Convenient Property Of Windows Hosting Is The Potential To Use Remote Desktop Direct From Your PC Or Laptop To Your Server. This Feature Usually Only Allowed On Dedicated Server Packages.


  • While many web hosting companies in India allow you to get a simple website live online, but if your necessities are more extensive than this type of Hosting option can prove to be a handy and best option.
  • Windows Server is outstandingly easy to use
  • Being well known with windows OS, you don’t have to be familiar with any other operating system you can simply handle and manage your website runs using Windows hosting servers
  • Windows Server is more useful if you are planning to work with Active Server pages, ColdFusion, C# or Visual Basics.
  • Window much simple as well easy to manage and update as compared to Linux server especially if you are newbie in the game.


  • Windows web hosting is much slower as compared to Linux servers which could be a big problem for your website because in this fast moving era I don’t think people will like to wait.
  • Many website owners that have used this hosting platform find Windows to be moderately less flexible than other hosting options and also little more expensive.
  • Compatibility issue, although Windows server works well with most of the applications but there are fewer with those there are compatibility troubles, including CGI (Common Gateway Interface) and Perl.

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